1st page of Google in 2 Months

The Client:

JDM Engine Depot

What they do:

They import used motors from Japan to their warehouse in NJ to resell them as replacement motors here in the US

What they hired me to do:

To rank them for their money keyword “JDM Engines”.

Let’s check out how difficult this keyword was and how many searches it gets per month.

My client, the owner of JDM Engine Depot, wanted to rank on the 1st page of Google for the keyword “JDM Engines”. Now as the image above shows, it gets about 12,000 searches a month and has a keyword difficulty of 41 out of 100. I would say this is a pretty tough keyword to target, but I always like a challenge!

The Strategy:

  • Revamp client’s website to make it more SEO-friendly
  • Include an SEO optimized article on the homepage
  • Set up 20 blogs from WordPress, Tumblr, etc. for backlinking purposes (Tier 1 Backlinks)
  • Write 20 SEO Optimized articles about JDM Engines
  • Input these articles into the Tier 1 Blog backlinks
  • Blast Tier 1 backlinks with Tier 2 backlinks

What does it mean when a website is SEO-friendly?

A lot of business owners don’t understand that there is a very technical aspect to SEO. When optimizing a website, you have to make make sure that it loads under 3 seconds or else it will increase the bounce rate of your visitors. The higher the bounce rate, the less likely Google will value your website. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Many of us are impatient since we’re so accustomed to having information almost immediately. If not, we’ll just go to the next source.

Having an SEO optimized article on your website is also vital to ranking on the 1st page. The recommended minimum of words is 300, but I aim for 500 words with your target keyword having a keyword density of 1%. So in this case, we have a 500 word article on the homepage with the keyword “JDM Engines” being mentioned 5 times.

What’s the purpose of 20 blogs (Tier 1 Backlinks)?

The purpose of the blogs I set up were to serve as other websites talking about my client’s websites. This strategy is called link building. The more websites backlinking back to your website, the more authority your website has and the better chance it will appear higher on the search engines. Ideally, Google wants this to happen organically. But in most businesses, this doesn’t happen so therefore we have to fabricate it. Is this illegal? No, just as long as the content you are placing on these websites are informative and unique. Here’s a list of free websites that you can build backlinks with;

  • wordpress.com – pr9
  • tumblr.com – pr8
  • typepad.com – pr8
  • weebly.com – pr8
  • blogger.com – pr8
  • tripod.com – pr8
  • posterous.com – pr7
  • jimdo.com – pr7
  • yola.com – pr7
  • squidoo.com – pr7
  • multiply.com – pr7
  • angelfire.com – pr7
  • officelive.com – pr7
  • rediff.com – pr7
  • wikidot.com – pr7
  • webs.com – pr7
  • webnode.com – pr7
  • salon.com – pr7
  • edublogs.org – pr6
  • webspawner.com – pr6
  • soup.io – pr6
  • ucoz.com – pr6
  • travelblog.org – pr6
  • gather.com – pr6
  • springnote.com – pr6

Diversifying your anchor links

When building backlinks, it is important to diversify your anchor links. An anchor text link is the text link that points back to your website from a different site. For example;


The word “JDM Motors” links back to jdmenginedepotinc.com – This helps Google understand what you’re website is about. With the 20 blogs I created, only 4 of them use the anchor text “JDM Engines”. Why? Because if you have 20 blogs with the anchor text “JDM Engines”, there is obviously manipulation involved. Here’s how to diversify your anchor texts;

  • Use brand names (JDM Engine Depot, JDM Engine Depot Inc)
  • Use generic keywords (Visit Website, Read More, Learn more)
  • Use naked URLs (www.jdmenginedepotinc.com, jdmenginedepotinc.com)

The results

Now results do not happen overnight, you have to wait a week or two to have your backlinks take effect. But after 2 months of link building, guess what?

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