Affordable SEO Services

Here at Lucror SEO, we understand the importance of having a positive ROI. This is the reason we offer affordable SEO services to all of our clients. SEO, at times, is a complex and problematic, BUT it can also be simple. We usually choose the latter to help our clients better understand our SEO strategies. Our SEO process consists of mainly two factors; content and backlinks. Create great content and place that content on high-quality websites. But at what cost?

What does affordable SEO mean to you?

The definition of affordable is different for every business owner. This can depend on the following; competition, customer lifetime value (CLV), keyword volume, etc. Now let’s compare two different types of businesses from the same city.

Philadelphia Florist

  • 1,500 Searches a month
  • $5.00 CPC (Estimated Cost Per Click on AdWords)

Philadelphia Movers

  • 1,500 Searches a month
  • $11.00 (Estimated Cost Per Click on AdWords)

So let’s say the average CLV (customer lifetime value) for a florist is $75.00 and the average CLV for a moving company is $1,000.00, would it make sense to charge both clients the same monthly retainer? For me, no, I actually believe it would be unjust and unfair. Here’s what would happen if I charged both clients a $750/month retainer.

My florist client’s website is ranked within the top 3 positions for Philadelphia Florist, Florist Philadelphia, Florist in Philadelphia, etc. which totals to about 1,500 searches per month. On average, 20% of the searchers would visit my client’s website which would be 300 visitors. Out of those 300 visitors, only 5% made a purchase, whether online or in person, so that would be 15 customers x $75.00 = $1,125.00. But keep in mind, $1,125.00 is not all profit; you take out the expenses (cost of flowers sold, payroll, etc.) and my monthly SEO retainer of $750.00. My client is probably left with about $100 or less! This is not affordable SEO, this is expensive SEO.

Here’s how it would look if I were to apply those same exact statistics to my client that owns a moving company with the same amount of searches but higher CLV; 15 paid customers x $1,000.00 = $15,000. Now that’s affordable SEO!

What about the florist? Well, here’s the thing about affordable SEO, it can be affordable for a reason. The competition may be lower for florists due to the lower CLV, so in the SEO realm, that equals a lower amount of backlinks. The lower amount of backlinks means fewer articles that have to be written which in turn decreases my cost.

Cheap SEO vs Affordable SEO

A cheap SEO company is not the same as an affordable SEO company. What’s the difference? Cheap SEO consists of the following;

  • Spun Content
  • Thousands of backlinks
  • Keyword stuffing
  • #1 Placement Guarantees
  • Lack of Anchor Text Diversity

Affordable SEO packages consist of the following;

  • Unique and readable content
  • High-quality backlinks with trusted metrics
  • Strategic Anchor Text placement
  • Best Practice Internal Linking Strategies

Of course, there’s much more to it than this list but this is what you want to look out for when hiring an SEO company. Our affordable SEO service ensures that you acquire a positive return on investment, plain and simple. If you want to work with a reputable and results-driven SEO company, please contact us today!