Philadelphia SEO

Running a business in Philadelphia isn’t for the faint of heart. No matter what your industry, you face serious competition.

You need an edge to draw in customers.

Philadelphia SEO can help give you that edge you need. So let’s jump in and look at what a search engine marketing service can do for you.

Proper Keyword Selection

Keywords or keyword phrases don’t wield the kind of massive power they once did in SEO, but they still matter. It’s also painfully easy to make a misstep here.

For example, some people go for vanity keywords. Think of vanity keywords as pie-in-the-sky terms that only high-traffic, high-authority sites can hope to rank for.

Take a website that sells sci-fi merchandise. The site owner might decide they want to first-page rank for the term “sci-fi.” That isn’t realistic or practical because other sites already own that term as far as search engines go.

A search engine marketing expert will steer you clear of these kinds of vanity keyword. They might suggest a more viable alternative, like “Philadelphia sci-fi merchandise.”

Refine the Technical Elements

Most business owners can handle the more straightforward elements of online marketing.

For example, you can probably handle regularly posting quality content. You know your industry and your customers. That puts you in the ideal position to deliver content they care about.

Even offering video and audio content is within the grasp of the ambitious entrepreneur.

Sadly, SEO also involves some technical elements that are often beyond the budding business owner. A few of these elements might include:

  • HTML validation
  • CSS validation
  • Creating a responsive website
  • URL structuring
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Schema markup

While you might not use all of these things on your website, odds are good that your site does need some of them. Their absence costs you in terms of search engine ranking.

A good online marketing service will help you pin down which ones you need and assist with implementing them.

Local Results

Local results are a big deal for small and medium-sized businesses. In fact, those results will only get more important thanks to mobile devices and wearable tech.

The catch is that search engines must know your business exists at the right location and offers the right services. A search engine marketing expert can ensure your business gets listed in the right places with the right information.

Say Jack and Jill go ice skating. Afterward, they want something hot to eat. They don’t want a long drive to get it.

If search engines know your pizza shop is three blocks away, it vastly improves the chances you’ll pop up in their search for local restaurants.

Philadelphia SEO

Parting Thoughts on Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing isn’t some buzzword you can afford to ignore. It can mean the difference between generating business and going out of business.

An online marketing expert helps you in crucial ways, such as avoiding vanity keywords and boosting local search results. They also help you manage the technical elements of SEO that many business owners trip over.

Lucror SEO specializes in online marketing, on-page SEO, and video creation. If you want better ROI from your website, contact us for your free quote today.